Grades Explanation for "Raw CPU Power"

Provider VPS2DAY
Plan Start
Based on trial run on 2022-09-23 01:09:24 UTC
"Raw CPU Power" grade D

Test results backing the grade

The Raw CPU Power grade is calculated based on the following test result metrics. Each line in the table includes the best, worst, mean and median results from all tested plans from all providers as well as the result for this particular trial.

The grade for each metric is determined based on its value in this trial compared with the same metric in all other trials and it is shown next to the value between ().

Based on test Metric name VPS2DAY
Start (Grade)
All Providers and Plans
Best Worst Mean Median
Endurance Ops per hour 4248 ops/hour (D) 64856 ops/hour 183 ops/hour 10219 ops/hour 6192 ops/hour
Yab Multi Core Geekbench 5 Score 1163 (E) 19703 474 2997 2013
Sysbench Multi Threaded Ops per second 1585 ops/sec (D) 27614 ops/sec 272 ops/sec 3321 ops/sec 1773 ops/sec
Sysbench Memory Read Transfer Speed 7144 MiB/sec (E) 111527 MiB/sec 48.7 MiB/sec 18028 MiB/sec 11836 MiB/sec

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