Real world performances of VPS solutions

The same web application with between 100,000 and 200,000 page views every day.

The most popular VPS (Virtual Private Server) providers in the market.

A report on the performances of the web app for a VPS hosting provider every week.

Test in progress!

Average response time of the latest trial for each provider and plan. See below for more details on each trial.

The response time is the time spent on the server, it does not include DNS lookup, connection establishment or network transfer time.

Each trial is usually 1 week long which is about 1M requests.

Only dynamic requests served by the application server are accounted for, response time for static assets is excluded.

More about VPS Benchmarks


There are lots of VPS hosting solutions on the market these days and prices are going down fast. However the quality of service varies enormously from provider to provider. Some give their customers fast and stable virtual machines, some give them lots of cpus, disk space or lots of memory and others emphasize support, features and sophistication of their management console.

But too many will simply stuff as many guests as they can on any single host leading to throttled cpus, limited disk access and slow performances in general.


VPS Benchmarks aims to report reliable real world performance and cost information on as many VPS hosting solutions as possible. For each provider, we'll report a variety of metrics on the web application and the system running on the VM. Alongside the performance data, we will also report the cost of hosting the application for the duration of the trial.


VPS Benchmarks uses a "traveling" website to collect all the numbers. This popular website changes VPS hosting provider at least once a month. Every week, a comprehensive set of metrics are collected on the single VM hosting it. The numbers are reported as is at

This medium size website sees between 100,000 and 200,000 page downloads per day. It's powered by a Ruby on Rails application backed by Postgresql and memcached. It fits entirely on a system with ~700MB of memory and 10GB of disk. The network traffic is around 100GB per month and the amount of reads on the database vastly outnumbers the writes.

"The Application" changes very little over time, which makes comparisons between each trial easy and meaningful. The name of the website will not be disclosed to prevent providers from influencing the results of the tests.

Partners shared hosting benchmarks, where you can see results of speed tests, uptime reliability, and tech support response times. is hosted by:

Hosted by VPSDime


All trials are conducted without the knowledge and without sponsorship from the provider of the VPS where the benchmarked application is running.

To support VpsBenchmarks, make your hosting purchases using the Provider Affiliate Links displayed on the site.


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Latest trials

All tests that were conducted at VpsBenchmarks:

Start Provider
Feb 18 2018 VpsNet
Feb 11 2018 Google Compute Engine
Feb 04 2018 Ramnode
Jan 28 2018 Linode
Jan 22 2018 DigitalOcean
Jan 14 2018 Amazon EC2
Jan 07 2018 Google Compute Engine
Dec 31 2017 IO Zoom
Dec 24 2017 AtlanticNet
Dec 18 2017 Vpsdime
Dec 11 2017 Vultr
Dec 03 2017 OVH