Get Started with Yabs


YABS "Yet-Another-Bench-Script", developed at, is an amazing tool that benchmarks your Linux server by running a single command. reports performance numbers on CPU speed, network speed and disk IO speed using Geekbench, iperf3 and fio.

  • No root required.
  • No setup required.
  • Works out of the box on all recent CentOS, Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu versions.
  • A single command runs all the tests and prints the results in plain text.
  • Completes in 30 minutes max, generally around 10 minutes.

At VPSBenchmarks, we'll call the result of a run a "yab". You can upload, organize and visualize your yabs for free at VPSBenchmarks.

Review the public list of existing yabs.

Upload your Yabs to VPSBenchmarks

Run this command on your server to upload your own Yab:
curl -sL | bash -s -- -s

Note: alternatively, if you already have the text results of a run, you can copy and paste them into the New Yab Form.

When completes in your terminal, it prints a link that you must copy to your browser to visualize the results. Review and adjust the characteristics of the server that was tested and the results will be displayed in a clear, easy to understand page. If you'd like, you can sign in or sign up at this point to take ownership of the yab.

Example Visualization

This chart in the yab visualization page shows how the tested server performs compared to others by assigning a score from 0 to 100 to each test result. The Yab page also prints all the metrics (geekbench, fio, iperf3) in tables and bar charts.


How to Manage your Yabs?

If you were signed in when you reviewed the yab, you own it and you can decide to make it public or private, to delete it or to edit its attributes.

Go to your Yabs Management page to manage your yabs.

How to Compare Yabs Results?

Go to the Yabs Comparison page to compare yabs.

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