Providers in Preview

Those providers may not have performance data in VPSBenchmarks yet but they're ready to take off. If you represent one of them and have a valid email address in the provider domain, contact us to claim ownership of their provider page, get a free preview trial and a free private trial.

If you're a user of one of those providers, run and report your results here to share data with the community.

Your favorite provider is not in the list? Contact them and ask them to get their servers tested at VPSBenchmarks. Send us a message too so that we know which providers are the most requested.

Provider Locations
0ping Germany
1of1 Servers 1 OF 1 SERVERS United States, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Australia
ActivHosting ActivHosting United States
AdvancedHosting AdvancedHosting Netherlands, United States
Advin Advin Servers United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, India
AlphaVPS AlphaVPS
Apple Apple
ArticHost ArticHost United States
Bandwagon Bandwagon Host
Bluehost Bluehost United States
brightbox Brightbox
BudgetVM BudgetVM
ByteHosting ByteHosting
Civo Civo United Kingdom, United States, Germany
CloudCone CloudCone United States
CloudSigma CloudSigma Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, United States, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan
Cloudzy Cloudzy United States, Germany, Singapore, United Kingdom
Colossus ColossusCloud
Crissic Crissic
DediPath DediPath United States
Dreamhost Dreamhost United States
Eth Svrs Ethernet Servers United States
EuroHoster EuroHoster
GamingServ GamingServ
GigsGigs GigsGigsCloud China, Singapore, Malaysia, United States
GoDaddy GoDaddy United States, Netherlands, Singapore
GreenCloud GreenCloud
HeavyNode HeavyNode
HostHavoc HostHavoc
HostPapa HostPapa
HostSlick HostSlick
HostUp HostUp Sweden
Hostwinds Hostwinds United States, Netherlands
IDriveCompute IDrive Compute United States, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, United Kingdoms
Ikoula Ikoula
InMotion InMotion Hosting
IOZoom IO Zoom United States
Kimsufi Kimsufi
Klikk Klikk Germany, Norway
LaunchtimeVPS LaunchtimeVPS New Zealand, Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Germany
Leaseweb Leaseweb United States, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom
Luxvps Luxvps
Maxer Cloud Maxer Cloud Hungary
OneProvider OneProvider
ServerHub ServerHub
SimpliServers SimpliServers United States, France, Brazil
Space Hosting Space Hosting
SpinUp SpinUp United States
SpryServers SpryServers United States
StableHost StableHost
Time4VPS Time4VPS Lithuania
UltaHost UltaHost United States, Canada, Germany
Veeble Veeble United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands
Virtual.RE Virtual.RE
VPSCheap VPSCheap
Vpsdime Vpsdime United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands
VpsNet VpsNet
VPSServer United States, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China
Webdock Finland, Canada
Zade Servers Zade Servers

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