Cloud Storage Prices

All prices below are up-to-date as of November 16th 2018.

Block Storage

Block storage units are disk volumes attached to virtual servers. Those volumes are accessed through the file system. They can be either SSD or HDD. Disk volumes can often be moved from one server to another and persist even without being attached to any server.

Provider Price / GB / month Restriction Description
Alibaba Cloud $0.080 "Capacity" type Pay as You Go Network Access Storage in US East "Performance" type NAS is $0.30/GB for Pay as you go in the US east region.
Amazon EC2 $0.100 General purpose SSD AWS also offer cold HDD for $0.025/GB/month.
Amazon Lightsail $0.100
DigitalOcean $0.100 Volumes are encrypted at rest, replicated multiple times and can be resized live.
Google Compute Engine $0.170 SSD Provisioned space Called "Additional Disks" at Google.
Also available in Standard form on HDD at $0.04/GB/month.
Hetzner €0.040 Free while in Beta
Linode $0.100 10GB minimum size Replicated 3 times.
Microsoft Azure $0.156 Prices decrease with disk size. LRS. Called "Managed disks".
Throughput increases with disk size: 25MB/second for 32GB disk.
OVH Public Cloud $0.090 Called "Additional Disks" at OVH.
Triple replication.
$0.09 is for High Speed Volumes. Also available as "Classic Volumes" at lower speeds for $0.045/GB/month.
Scaleway €0.050
UpCloud $0.220 UpCloud storage is MaxIOPS, it offers the performance of multiple enterprise-grade SSDs for the price of one.
Vultr $0.100 Each volume is replicated 3 times across a highly available cluster.

Object Storage

Object storage is for storing files in the cloud. Object storage files can be accessed through an API made available by the provider. Snapshots are sometimes saved into Object Storage. Network bandwidth is normally charged on top of the storage costs.

Provider Price / GB / month Restriction Description
Alibaba Cloud $0.018 First 5GB are free Infrequent and Archive storage option are also available for lower prices.
Amazon EC2 $0.020 Standard AWS S3 also offers infrequent access and Glacier object storage for lower prices.
Aruba Cloud €0.050 10GB minimum This is the pay-per-use price.
Outgoing traffic is €0.05 per GB.
API is S3 compatible.
DigitalOcean $0.020 250GB minimum Object storage is called "Spaces" at DO.
$5 for 250GB/month that include 1TB of outbound transfer (CDN included)
Google Compute Engine $0.023 Regional Storage. First 5GB free. Object storage is called "Cloud Storage" at Google.
Nearline and Coldline storage are also available at lower prices and speeds.
Microsoft Azure $0.060 Standard Data Storage, LRS, General Purpose v2 Called "Azure Files".
LRS - Locally Redundant Storage.
Zone and Region redundant storage are also available for higher prices.
Microsoft Azure $0.021 First 50TB, Hot, General purpose v2, LRS Called "Azure Storage Blobs".
Also available as Cool or Archve storage at lower prices.
OVH Public Cloud $0.011 Based on OpenStack Swift technology.
Triple replication
Free incoming traffic
Outgoing traffic: $0.011/GB
Scaleway €0.010 500GB minimum. 5€ for 500GB, including 500GB of transfer.


Backups allow storing copies of disk volumes. They can be used to restore a server state to a state at some other point in time. The concepts of Backups and Snapshots largely overlap. Some providers offer both features, some others only one of them. The main difference is that backups are often tied to a particular server and providers add scheduling functions on top of the backups so that users don't need to manually manage them.

Provider Price / GB / month Restriction Description
Aruba Cloud €0.150 10GB minimum This is the pay-per-use price.
Backups can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.
DigitalOcean $0.050 Prices vary depending on droplet size. Prices vary depending on droplet size: backups are 20% of droplet storage cost.
When backups are enabled, DO will create a disk image of the droplet once per week and will keep it for 4 weeks.
Hetzner €0.025 €0.025 for CS instances. Prices vary depending on instance size. 20% of instance price.
Backups are automatically scheduled. Up to 7 backups can be stored.
Linode $0.050 $0.05 for 2GB Linode. 25% of instance price in general. Prices vary depending on instance size: 25% of instance price. Backups are automatically scheduled.
UpCloud $0.060 UpCloud offers a scheduling function on top of its backups.
Users can also create snapshots manually (same price).
Vultr $0.050 Prices vary depending on instance size Actual price is 20% of the instance.
Backups are automatically scheduled and the 2 most recent ones are preserved at all times.


Snapshots are images of disk volumes. They can be created at any time from any volume and can be restored to other same size volumes or even used to create a brand new server based on a snapshot image.

Provider Price / GB / month Restriction Description
Alibaba Cloud $0.000 Currently free of charge According to this url, snapshots are free and go to block storage.
Snapshots can be scheduled.
Amazon Lightsail $0.050
DigitalOcean $0.050 Snapshots are created on users requests and are images of block storage disk volumes.
Google Compute Engine $0.026
Hetzner €0.010 These are manual backups and can be created at any time.
OVH Public Cloud $0.011 Goes to object storage.
Scaleway €0.020 Snapshots can be made out of any volume.

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