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In the 12 months up to April 2024, VPSBenchmarks put 99 cloud servers from 42 providers through a demanding suite of benchmarks to evaluate their performance as web servers, their capacity to handle heavy loads, their stability and the speed at which they can transfer data through the network. These are the Best VPS in 6 price ranges.

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A few words about the winners

Evolution Host specializes in high performance hardware and innovative Anti-DDoS products. It is present in 8 countries around the world with a total of 11 datacenters.

Alwyzon is a provider based in Austria with fast hardware, very competitive prices and a central location in Europe.

OVHcloud US offers comprehensive cloud services in the United States.

Vultr, based in the USA, has one of the best management UI, a vast array of features and presence all over the world.

OVHcloud offers comprehensive cloud services in Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

IONOS is a large German provider with data centers in four European countries and in the United States.

HostHatch operates in 14 locations and features fast servers along with a simple but effective management UI.

Genesis Hosting Solutions is a provider based in the USA with a data center in Illinois, a very wide range of products, a comprehensive set of features based on OpenStack and some of the most cutting edge hardware in the VPS market.

MoonQube, based in the united states, offers a very polished UI and a list of features that rivals the largest providers in the market, ranging from block storage to kubernetes management.

Hostup is a Swedish provider with 10 years of hosting experience, attractive pricing and exceptionally fast storage.

Monthly Rankings

We also publish a new ranking every month with just the VPS that were tested during the previous 30 days. It's declined in 2 variants: "Best VPS" and "Best Value VPS". The same products have been tested in both but in the Value ranking, the grades and scores are price weighted.

These are the rankings for all servers tested in April 2024 at any price.

These are the rankings for all servers tested in March 2024 at any price.

These are the rankings for all servers tested in February 2024 at any price.

Special Mentions

Special Mentions are awards granted to featured providers for being the fastest in a performance category. In addition to grade categories (Web, CPU, Disk IO, Stability and Network), a Special Mention is also awarded to the fastest VPS that costs less than $5/month.

All winners were the fastest in their category based on all public trials run during the 12 months up to January 1st 2024.

Category Provider Plan Value
Fastest overall for less than $5/month Kamatera
Availability 1GB 1core
Cores: 1
RAM: 1.0 GB
Price: $4.00
Trial: Nov 05 2023
Overall Score:
76 / 100 (Price Weighted)
Fastest CPU Crunchbits
Cores: 32
RAM: 32.0 GB
Price: $64.00
Trial: Sep 21 2023
Raw CPU Power Score:
99 / 100
Fastest Disk IO HostHatch
Cores: 8
RAM: 32.0 GB
Price: $29.00
Trial: Sep 15 2023
Disk IO Performance Score:
95 / 100
Fastest Web Server Evolution
Evolution Host Ltd
Cores: 12
RAM: 12.0 GB
Price: $86.40
Trial: Jul 08 2023
Web Performance Score:
92 / 100
Most Stable Hostinger
Cores: 4
RAM: 16.0 GB
Price: $29.99
Trial: Oct 23 2023
Performance Stability Score:
88 / 100
Fastest Network Transfers Alwyzon
Virtual Server E8+
Cores: 4
RAM: 8.0 GB
Price: $15.65
Trial: Dec 03 2023
Network Performance Score:
84 / 100

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