VPSBenchmarks Products and Pricing

VPSBenchmarks is the leading website for benchmarking cloud servers, it's trusted by tens of thousands of users every month to find the VPS that best fits their needs.

If you're a cloud provider you can have your products tested at VPSBenchmarks regularly and help them stand out from the rest.

If you're an end user and you want to know how your servers measure against servers from the a wide variety of cloud providers, VPSBenchmarks is the easiest way to run benchmarks and compare the results to all publicly vailable benchmarks all in the same place.

Featured Subscriptions
for cloud providers

With a subscription, cloud providers are guaranteed a number of tests every quarter, direct links to their websites and favorable placement in various pages of vpsbenchmarks.com.

Private Trials
for cloud users

With Private Trials, everyone can run the benchmarks familiar to all vpsbenchmarks.com visitors on their own servers. Your first Private Trial is just $2.0.


Featured Provider Subscription Featured Provider Plus Subscription Private Trials
Number of Cloud Server plan tests 1 per quarter 2 per quarter Your choice
Maximum size of VPS Plan 4 cores - $60/month 6 cores - $100/month Unlimited
Your own provider page
Links to your website -
Web, Sysbench, Network Transfer and Endurance tests
Appear in provider lists in Screener, list of plans and all comparison pages
Choice of the plans that get tested
Appear on top of Screener page
Free included Private Trials 2 2 -
Discount on Private Trials purchases 20% 20% -
Display custom ad banner on provider page
Publish blog articles on vpsbenchmarks.com
(must be original and informative)
Price $55.0 per month
(no commitment)
$90.0 per month
(no commitment)

$2.0 for your first private trial

$10.0 for each subsequent private trial

$40.0 for 5 private trials