VPSBenchmarks Pricing for Cloud Providers

Cloud providers of all sizes have their VPS plans tested at vpsbenchmarks.com.
VPSBenchmarks is the reference for cloud server performance testing on the web.
Make sure buyers can find your cloud servers on the website where they start their search.

VPSBenchmarks has the most comprehensive test suite and the most rigorous process for testing cloud servers of all comparison websites.
All VPSBenchmarks tests are unbiased and no test result is influenced by Cloud Providers.

Option 1
Light Testing
Option 2
Single VPS Plan Test
Option 3
Featured Provider Subscription
Option 4
Featured Plus Subscription
Number of Cloud Server plan tests 1 1 1 per quarter 1 every 6 weeks
Maximum size of VPS Plan 2 cores 2 cores 4 cores 6 cores
Your own provider page
Sysbench and Network Transfer tests
Web and Endurance tests
Appear in provider lists in Screener, list of plans and all comparison pages
Choice of the plans that get tested
Appear on top of Screener page -
Display custom ad banner on provider page
Links to your website
Publish blog articles on vpsbenchmarks.com
(must be original and informative)
Stay on Screener, list of plans and comparison pages after last payment - 12 months 6 months 6 months
Price Free $90 one time $55 per month
(no commitment)
$90 per month
(no commitment)