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Features and Usability

Features not included in the VPS price in plans tested at will be marked as missing.

1and1 DigitalOcean Hetzner Vpsdime
Hourly Billing  No Yes Yes No
DDOS Protection  No No Yes No
Backups  No No No No
Control Panel  Custom Builtin Custom Builtin
SSH Keys Setup  Yes Yes Yes No
Total Number of Datacenters  3 7 3 4
Number of Datacenter Continents  2 3 1 2
Monitoring Charts  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Admin REST API  Yes Yes Yes No
Upgrade VPS from admin console  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Friendly UI  No Yes No No
Accepted Forms of Payment  Credit cards, Paypal Credit cards, Paypal Credit cards, Paypal Paypal, credit card, bitcoin
Hidden CPU Model  No No Yes No
Affiliate Program  Yes Yes No Yes

In VPSBenchmarks's opinion

1and1 DigitalOcean Hetzner Vpsdime
UI Friendliness 
Quality of Service 


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