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Genesis VMs in its own words

Genesis Hosting Solutions is a leading provider of hosting solutions that are common for businesses of all sizes. Genesis does not focus on any particular vertical, but we have solutions from basic infrastructure hosting to the most critical infrastructure that requires the utmost security and reliability controls.

Genesis VMs was founded in 1997.
It is headquartered in the USA.
It offers VPS, Storage and Networking hosting products.

It has datacenters in:
  • United States

This provider is related to Genesis Public Cloud

Genesis Public Cloud offers cloud servers billed every 30 seconds with a large array of features.

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Genesis VMs VPS Features

Features not included in the VPS price are marked as missing below.

Feature Value Comment
Hourly Billing  No
DDOS Protection  Yes

Genesis provides network layer DDoS protection and it also provides network protection with Fortinet's FortiGuard, which thwarts various other attacks, including blacklisted IP blocking. It also helps with anti-hammering.

Backups  Yes

6 image backups are included with each VM.

Control Panel  WHMCS
SSH Keys Setup  No
Total Number of Datacenters  1
Number of Datacenter Continents  1
Monitoring Charts  Yes
Admin REST API  No
Upgrade VPS from admin console  No
Mobile Friendly UI  Yes
Reverse DNS  No

Available on demand by submitting a support ticket.

Accepted Forms of Payment  Credit cards
Hidden CPU Model  No
Affiliate Program  Yes
Firewall  Yes

30 inbound and 30 outbound rules allowed per VM.

Shelving  No
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Pros and Cons


  • Choose CPU type when you order.
  • Fast and modern CPUs.

Genesis VMs Extra Services

In addition to features included in VPS plans, Genesis VMs also offers the following services (possibly for a fee):

Backups   Block storage Object storage Load balancer Floating IP addresses
Team Management Managed databases Serverless DDoS protection   Kubernetes
GPU instances Private network  

VPS Instance Provisioning Time

For each Genesis VMs VPS trial, we measured how long it took to provision the server from the moment it was ordered to the moment it accepted SSH connections.

See also VPS provisioning times for all providers.

Average Provisioning Time Min Provisioning Time Max Provisioning Time Number of VPS Samples
85s 65s 110s 3

Control Panel Screenshots

Genesis VMs Instance Types and Plans

How fast are Genesis VMs servers:  Screen all Genesis VMs VPS Plans

All Genesis VMs instance types

Note: All VPS prices reported at VPSBenchmarks are for one month without any further commitment and before promotions. The IPv4 charge is added to the VPS monthly price in case the provider doesn't include it by default.

Plan Number of CPU cores RAM Storage Price
Single server line
Instance Type:
General purpose

Fast inexpensive VM deployment starting at $3/month. When you need something fast and reliable, but don't want the hassle of building a cloud environment.

vm.t5sd.2xlarge 1 4.0GB 50GB $5.00
vm.c5sd.xlarge 2 8.0GB 100GB $20.00
vm.c6sd.xlarge 2 8.0GB 100GB $26.00
vm.c5sd.2xlarge 4 16.0GB 200GB $40.00
vm.c6sd.2xlarge 4 16.0GB 200GB $52.00
Instance Type:

No description

vm.t5sd.4xlarge (Off rankings) 1 8.0GB 100GB $9.00
vm.c5sd.3xlarge (Off rankings) 6 24.0GB 300GB $60.00
vm.c6sd.3xlarge (Off rankings) 6 24.0GB 300GB $78.00


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