VPS Provisioning Times

During each VPS trial, we recorded the time it took for the VPS to start accepting connections after it was ordered. Sometimes, the instance provisioning was delayed by billing shenanigans: those delays are excluded from the numbers below.

All numbers below are numbers of seconds.

Provider Average Provisioning Time Min Provisioning Time Max Provisioning Time Number of VPS Samples
CloudSigma 12s 12s 12s 1
Google Compute Engine 20s 12s 35s 9
Atlantic.Net 21s 12s 30s 7
DigitalOcean 21s 18s 30s 8
Amazon EC2 22s 10s 40s 10
Hetzner 23s 10s 50s 9
MaxKVM 25s 25s 25s 1
Ramnode 31s 20s 60s 7
Scaleway 34s 25s 50s 8
Dreamhost 39s 20s 90s 6
LayerStack 40s 40s 40s 1
LunaNode 41s 15s 90s 9
Amazon Lightsail 41s 20s 50s 9
Linode 46s 30s 70s 10
Vultr 53s 30s 120s 12
Alibaba Cloud 55s 25s 130s 9
Clouding.io 56s 40s 70s 10
Hostwinds 60s 60s 60s 1
Genesis VMs 61s 45s 80s 4
UpCloud 67s 30s 140s 13
Genesis Public Cloud 75s 55s 90s 3
CloudCone 120s 120s 120s 1
Microsoft Azure 125s 70s 230s 9
Aruba Cloud 198s 125s 240s 11
Hostinger 200s 200s 200s 1
IONOS by 1&1 210s 45s 1000s 11
Kamatera 269s 90s 540s 11
GigsGigsCloud 300s 300s 300s 1
Togglebox 300s 300s 300s 1
VPS2DAY 301s 230s 400s 6
OVHcloud 409s 20s 1800s 9
Vpsdime 421s 60s 1320s 7
IO Zoom 600s 600s 600s 1
Contabo 1788s 1200s 3900s 5
BuyVM 2250s 120s 7260s 4
HostPapa 3600s 3600s 3600s 1
Bluehost 86400s 86400s 86400s 1

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