VPS Provisioning Times

During each VPS trial, we recorded the time it took for the VPS to start accepting connections after it was ordered. Sometimes, the instance provisioning was delayed by billing shenanigans: those delays are excluded from the numbers below.

All numbers below are numbers of seconds.

Provider Average Provisioning Time Min Provisioning Time Max Provisioning Time Number of VPS Samples
Hetzner 26s 25s 30s 3
Amazon EC2 26s 10s 40s 6
Atlantic.Net 34s 25s 50s 7
Scaleway 35s 30s 45s 3
Google Compute Engine 36s 20s 60s 3
DigitalOcean 41s 40s 45s 3
Amazon Lightsail 45s 15s 60s 3
Ramnode 45s 40s 50s 2
Alibaba Cloud 45s 30s 60s 2
HostHatch 50s 25s 110s 9
Genesis Public Cloud 50s 25s 90s 11
UpCloud 50s 40s 65s 12
ORACLE Cloud 52s 45s 60s 2
Clouding.io 54s 35s 110s 12
Microsoft Azure 58s 40s 75s 7
TransIP 60s 60s 60s 1
Fybe 60s 60s 60s 1
Genesis VMs 65s 65s 65s 1
LunaNode 66s 60s 80s 3
A2 Hosting 75s 60s 90s 2
Evoxt 75s 55s 90s 6
Linode 79s 60s 110s 7
OVHcloud US 80s 45s 170s 8
IBM Cloud 90s 20s 130s 3
Alwyzon 91s 40s 120s 7
LayerStack 95s 50s 220s 7
Hostinger 130s 90s 200s 3
Aruba Cloud 145s 30s 280s 12
Crunchbits 150s 150s 150s 1
Cherry Servers 152s 90s 220s 7
ScalaHosting 161s 25s 1200s 13
INET.WS 165s 45s 240s 3
Vultr 172s 30s 360s 12
RackNerd 180s 180s 180s 1
Evolution Host Ltd 259s 60s 1800s 12
VPS2DAY 270s 70s 360s 12
Linkdata.com 285s 60s 900s 4
Kamatera 287s 220s 400s 12
RoseHosting 328s 120s 600s 7
IONOS 345s 45s 1260s 12
OVHcloud 477s 65s 960s 6
OnetSolutions 859s 80s 9000s 13
Togglebox 1289s 150s 12000s 11
Contabo 2743s 300s 28800s 12
BuyVM 27030s 60s 54000s 2
netcup 57720s 180s 172800s 3

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