Kamatera Review

Features and Usability

Features not included in the VPS price are marked as missing below.

Last updated on January 15 2019.

Feature Value Comment
Hourly Billing  Yes
DDOS Protection  No

Available for a fee through the Firewall feature.

Backups  No

Backups are available for a fee: "Extended daily backups" at $3/month for a 20GB VM.

Snapshots are available for a fee ($5 per GB/month).

Control Panel  Custom
SSH Keys Setup  No
Total Number of Datacenters  13
Number of Datacenter Continents  4
Monitoring Charts  Yes

CPU, RAM, Network, Disk

Admin REST API  Yes
Upgrade VPS from admin console  Yes
Mobile Friendly UI  Yes
Accepted Forms of Payment  Credit cards
Hidden CPU Model  No
Affiliate Program  Yes
Firewall  No

Available for a fee: $9/month

It consists of a separate VM setup with the pfSense image which implements firewall and router.

In VPSBenchmark's opinion

Feature Value Comment
UI Friendliness 

Professional looking and easy to use management console.

Quality of Service 

Kamatera Extra Services

In addition to features included in the VPS plan, Kamatera also offers the following services (possibly for a fee):

Backups   Block Storage   Object Storage Load Balancer   Floating Ips
Teams   Datastores Serverless Ddos Protection  

Admin UI Screenshots

Kamatera Plans

Plan Specifications

Url https://www.kamatera.com/Products/250/Pricing
Cost Per Month $19.0
Hourly Billing true
Memory Gb 1.0
Disk Gb 20
Data Transfer Gb 5000
Num Cores 2
Virtualization Vmware
Burstable No

Plan Grades

Grades are calculated by combining results from web, sysbench, endurance and remote timing tests.

Grade A is best, grade F is worst.

Follow the letter links to find the test results backing the grade.

How are grades calculated?

Web Performance Raw CPU Power Performance Stability Disk IO Performance Network Performance

Performance Test Results

We conducted 5 different types of tests for Kamatera - 1GB 2 cores. Review the results and compare this plan to its competitors.

Web Test Sysbench Test Remote Timing Test Endurance Test Network Transfers
Review Review Review Review Review
Compare Compare Compare Compare Compare

Test Results

This plan was tested 1 times at vpsbenchmarks.com. The table below shows all trials run on the 1GB 2 cores plan and the web response times for every one of those.

Start of Trial Web Results Sysbench Results Avg web response time P99 web response time
Jan 11 2019 Web Sysbench 64ms 280ms

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