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Features and Usability

Features not included in the VPS price are marked as missing below.

Last updated on October 14 2017.

Feature Value Comment
Hourly Billing  No
DDOS Protection  No

Ddos protection is an additional $3 per month:

Backups  No

No backup, no snapshot.

Control Panel  Stallion
SSH Keys Setup  No
Total Number of Datacenters  3
Number of Datacenter Continents  2
Monitoring Charts  No
Admin REST API  No
Upgrade VPS from admin console  Yes
Mobile Friendly UI  Yes
Accepted Forms of Payment  Credit cards, Paypal, Alipay, Coinbase
Hidden CPU Model  No
Affiliate Program  Yes

In VpsBenchmark's opinion

Feature Value Comment
UI Friendliness 

Stallion does not include cpu or memory metrics, no charts contrarily to what's advertised on the main website.

Quality of Service 

BuyVM uses a reseller for hosting its VMs (FranTech). The buying experience involved checking out and paying through the reseller. Then to manage the VM you're going back to on the Stallion interface. Another set of credentials is needed for Stallion that are sent you through email.

User picked password is sent back to the user in an email.

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Admin UI Screenshots

Plan Performances

Slice 2048

Url BuyVM Slice 2048
Cost per month $7.0
Hourly billing false
Memory gb 2.0
Disk gb 40
Data transfer gb 10000
Num cores 1
Virtualization KVM
Valid on 2017-10-14
Deprecated false

Sysbench Performances

Web Performances

Response Time

Lower is better


Start of Trial Avg response time P95 response time Avg DB time Avg View time
Oct 14 2017 142ms 322ms 15ms 33ms

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