LayerStack Post: LayerStack -- Dedicated Cloud 40% Off/Month Special Offer

January 24th 2022
LayerStack -- Dedicated Cloud 40% Off/Month Special Offer

LayerStack, provider of high performance Dedicated Cloud Servers / VPS Hosting at an affordable price is offering a 40% monthly discount for new subscriptions of our newly launched Dedicated Virtual CPU with promo code LSDC40. For example, for US$43/month (with a 12-month commitment) you can buy a 8vCPU/16GB Dedicated Virtual CPU Server.

Go to Dedicated Cloud and find out how to empower your IT infrastructure with LayerStack.

Dedicated Cloud comes in two flavors:

  • Dedicated Virtual CPU: you buy a virtual server the traditional way but all the resources of the machine are dedicated to a single client.
  • Dedicated Hardware: you buy a specified amount of resources (CPU, memory, storage) that you can split between a number of virtual servers, each with the configurations that works the best for you.

With Dedicated Cloud, you get:

  • Flexible infrastructure components
  • Higher level of isolation
  • Lower deployment costs

The Dedicated Cloud is now available in our Hong-Kong data center.

Promo Code: LSDC40.
This is a limited time offer and is scheduled to end by 31 Jan 2022.

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