LayerStack launches ARM line of servers

November 9th 2022
LayerStack launches ARM line of servers

In September 2022, LayerStack release a new range of Cloud Server based on ARM processors. The new processors are Ampere® Altra® Max Cloud Native Processors M128-30, based on ARM Neoverse N1 enterprise-level core architecture. The Ampere Altra, like the AWS Graviton2, is built on 7nm TSMC technology but the Altra runs at 3GHz while the Graviton2 runs at 2.5Ghz. A detailed review on the Ampere Altra can be found on the Cloudflare Blog.

The new product range is attractively priced between US$8/month for 2vCPU / 4GB RAM and $48/month for 10vCPU / 48GB RAM. With a 12 month commitment, the new servers are up to %30 cheaper.

ARM pricing

LayerStack offers several Arm-based instances plan to choose from, as well as China Direct CN2 GIA route add-on and fast network connection with 1G port. For details, please visit:

VPSBenchmarks ran the first ARM108-HK trial just before this article was published and for just $7/month (with a 12-month commitment), this 4 vCPU server handled 50 HTTP requests/second in the Web Runs and overall, it managed a price weighted score of 74 with strong showings in the Raw CPU performance and Disk IO Performance categories.
ARM108-HK Grades

Arm-based cloud instances are first available in Hong Kong and will expand to other regions at a later time. Buy those servers at LayerStack Cloud Servers.

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