Akamai launches Premium server line and 3 new locations

July 14th 2023
Akamai launches Premium server line and 3 new locations

On Tuesday July 12th, Akamai announced they were launching a new line of instances called "Premium" and 3 new locations in Paris, France, Washington DC and Chicago, Illinois.

The new Premium instances run on the best available AMD EPYC CPUs. Every CPU core allocated to an instance is dedicated to that instance making the Premium servers ideal for heavy CPU loads. As of July 2023, the Premium servers are available in the 3 new locations: Paris, Washington DC and Chicago.

The new servers cost $43/month for 2 cores, 4GB RAM and 80GB of storage. That's around 80% more than the Shared Linode 4GB with the same size and 20% more than the Dedicated 4GB.

In VPSBenchmarks tests on a Premium 2 cores, 4GB instance in Paris, the CPU reported by the OS was an EPYC Milan 7713 64-Core Processor clocked at 2GHz. AMD EPYC and Ryzen have historically been the fastest CPUs benchmarked at vpsbenchmarks.com.

VPSBenchmarks ran yabs.sh on that instance, you can review the full results at https://www.vpsbenchmarks.com/yabs/linode-2c-4gb-483449. The server received a Geekbench 6 single threaded score of 1527, which places it in the top 15% of servers tested on the website.

Linode Premium 4GB yab

The 3 new datacenters bring the total number of locations available for Akamai cloud servers to 7 in North America, 3 in Europe, 3 in Asia and 1 in Australia. Akamai also plans to open 2 extra DCs in Seattle and in Chennai, India this quarter.

Lastly, Akamai also announced that they doubled the capacity of their object storage service to one petabyte and one billion objects per bucket. Linode Object Storage is priced at $5/month for 250GB of storage.

You can manage your Linode cloud products at https://cloud.linode.com.

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