Linode becomes Akamai’s cloud computing services

February 14th 2023
Linode becomes Akamai’s cloud computing services

Akamai announced today, February 14th 2023, that going forward, Linode’s services will be referred to as Akamai’s cloud computing services. Akamai acquired Linode in early 2022 so this is the logical next step in the integration of both companies services.

Akamai also announced Akamai Connected Cloud, which is a comprehensive, distributed cloud platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery. Linode services will keep running as before but with easier access to Akamai's network services. The branding already started changing on as the Akamai logo now features prominently on the website, there will be more cosmetic changes in the months to come.
Additionally, three new enterprise-scale core cloud computing sites across the U.S. and Europe are added to the existing 11 Linode cloud computing sites. There are 10 additional core sites that are planned to be rolled out across the globe throughout the year.

Read the full announcement at

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