UltaHost launches two new data centers in Asia

December 17th 2022
UltaHost launches two new data centers in Asia

Asian markets attract not only huge investments and concerns but also innovative entrepreneurs and young startups. To expand your brand into markets such as Malaysia, Taiwan, India, and Singapore, VPS of high quality is essential. In response to this demand, UltaHost decided to locate new data centers in the Asian market.

From among several dozen countries in the region, UltaHost chose two, significantly different from each other. One of the most dynamic Asian tigers: Singapore, and one of the most populous countries with a free market economy: India.

Customers wishing to start a business in any Asian market can choose any type of hosting, but VPS India Hosting is the recommended option for most of them. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

As the number of people emerging from poverty increases, so does the income; an increase in the size of the middle class will result in a significant demand for goods and services in the region over the next three decades. You can enter this market now, buy VPS India Hosting and create a profitable and prospective online business targeting the Asian market.

When dealing with such advanced solutions as artificial intelligence, robotics, cryptography, and Big Data, every second counts. A delay in loading the website or a slowdown in the application may make our offer unprofitable for our demanding contractors. 
Therefore, when constructing an offer that we want to compete in Asian markets, we must have a local server. By local, I mean not more than 3,000 kilometers away from our customers. In line with this principle, VPS India Hosting will allow you to successfully compete in India, South Asia, and the Middle East - in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. 
Singapore VPS, on the other hand, will be the best solution when you want to target Southeast Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, or Taiwan. Placing servers further exposes your website and application to significant delays, up to several seconds.

On top of that, UltaHost guarantees you a free 30-day money-back period. So you can start your business in Asia without additional risk in terms of choosing the best hosting in Southern Asia.

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