Run and visualize Geekbench, Fio and Iperf3 with a single command

May 2nd 2022
Run and visualize Geekbench, Fio and Iperf3 with a single command

Did you know that you can run geekbench, fio and iperf3 on your server and get a comprehensive report with a single shell command and without any setup? It's possible with "Yet Another Bench Script". does not require root, it quietly installs its own dependencies and usually takes less than 30 minutes to run. The output is plain text and is easily readable. All you need to do is run curl -sL from your server.

Geekbench measures the performance of the CPU, fio the performance of storage and iperf3 the performance of the network.

Now you can upload or just copy and paste your output to and visualize the results in nice tables and charts. At VPSBenchmarks we call the results of a run a yab. Creating and managing yabs is entirely free.

Here is an example yab visualization.

Not only can you visualize the yabs but you can also manage them, make them public or private, or delete them if you don't need them anymore and edit their attributes. You can also compare the results of several yabs.

To create a new yab, simply copy and paste the output into the new yab form or send a POST request from your server to

curl -sL | bash > yabs.out
curl -F "data=<yabs.out"

VPSBenchmarks response will include the URL where you can review your yab, set the provider plan name of the benchmarked server and then visualize the results. results can easily be forged and the script benchmarks are not as comprehensive as Private Trials which include web, database and endurance/stability tests as well as CPU, network and storage test. But is so easy to run that there's no reason not to try it.

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