Vultr Post: Vultr Managed Databases features and prices

July 25th 2022
Vultr Managed Databases features and prices

In July 2022, Vultr released Vultr Managed Databases. The new product already supports MySQL and will soon also be available for Postgresql and Redis. Managing databases is tedious and tricky, Vultr takes it out of your hands and lets you focus on your business and applications.

Vultr Managed Databases come with the following features:

  • Backups: snapshots of tour databases are made at regular intervals and can be used for point-in-time recovery. You can restore a database from the control panel.
  • Replication: Vultr will automatically setup replicas for your main database. Replicas store the same data as the main database at all times and can be used for reads from your applications. In addition, if and when the main database fails, Vultr will manage the automatic failover to a replica database.
  • Scaling: when the instance running your database becomes too small, you have the choice to scale it vertically by upgrading the instance or horizontally by adding one more replicas and thus distributing the load between more instances.
  • Seamless upgrades: Vultr will manage all the database version upgrades transparently.
  • Control Panel: the Vultr Managed Database control panel makes it easy to manage the database cluster, users and review database statistics.
  • Migrations: the control panel also allows you to import an existing MySQL database into a new managed database.

Vultr managed databases can be hosted on any of the Vultr Cloud Compute instances, from the Regular 1GB 1 vCPU for $15/month to the General Purpose 256GB 96 vCPUs for $26880/month. The former comes without any replica and the latter comes with 2. The managed database price is 3x the price of the instance that hosts it: Managed Database Pricing.

You can try Vultr Managed Databases for free with this $100 credit by using this sign-up link.

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