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This page shows web response times measured from 5 different locations in the world. In other words, this is the time it takes to get a response from the selected VPS machines from the cities named on top of each chart.

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Provider Plan Cost Location Trial
m.8 $28.00 Toronto, Canada May 05 2020 Remote Timing details
w6as.large $24.60 Chicago, USA Apr 25 2020 Remote Timing details
B2s $30.37 East US 2 Nov 25 2019 Remote Timing details
Basic 4GB 2 cores $20.00 New York, USA Nov 06 2019 Remote Timing details
n1-standard-1 $27.67 us-east4-c Oct 28 2019 Remote Timing details

Remote Timing measurements

Roubaix, France

Montreal, Canada

Los Angeles, United States

Tokyo, Japan

Sydney, Australia


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