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pfcloud Runs

VPSBenchmarks and its community have run on pfcloud servers. Here are the most recent results. inscludes Geekbench, Fio and Iperf3 tests.
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The scale in the charts between 0 and 100 represents the performance of this server for each metric relative to the performance of all other servers tested recently at VPSBenchmarks for that same metric.

  • 100 means the server is the fastest for this metric.
  • 50 means the server has exactly median performance for this metric.
  • 0 means the server is the slowest for this metric.
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pfcloud Instance Types and Plans

Note: All VPS prices reported at VPSBenchmarks are for one month without any further commitment and before promotions unless noted otherwise. The IPv4 charge is added to the VPS monthly price in case the provider doesn't include it by default.

Plan Number of CPU cores RAM Storage Monthly Price
Instance Type:

No description

Xeon KVM Starter (Off rankings) 1 1.0GB 10GB 3.49€ ($3.77) / month

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