IONOS Cloud Data Center Designer

November 18th 2022
IONOS Cloud Data Center Designer

IONOS launched a new Cloud Computing platform earlier this year. The IaaS platform is designed to come with a superior price-performance ratio and it features a remarkably easy to use visual Data Center Designer (DCD) to deploy your infrastructure. Of course, this graphical user interface is supplemented by full-fledged Cloud REST APIs. Managed PaaS services come on top of IaaS. This is remarkably distinct from the existing VPS and Cloud Servers that IONOS has been offering for many years due to its full scalability, enhanced flexibility and unbeaten granularity. Head to IONOS Cloud to get a full overview.

Features in IONOS Cloud are not limited to servers: with the DCD, you can configure the entire cloud infrastructure of your company including load Balancers, block storage volumes, NAT Gateways and cloud server instances or just turn to the Cloud API for automation. IONOS Cloud also offers managed Kubernetes, databases and object storage. The Open-source based virtualization, using KVM hypervisor and Qemu for Hardware emulation, is completely IONOS-owned.

Here is an example of an architecture with 3 servers connected to the internet through a load balancer that is setup in the DCD. With the DCD, you drag and drop components of your infrastructure and assorted PaaS services one by one and then you create network links between the components. Once your design is ready, all you need to do is "Provision Changes" and all components of your infrastructure will come to life.


To minimize your costs, IONOS offers "Cubes": they are affordable T-shirt-sized predefined servers that can be inserted into your architecture with a drag and drop just like any other component. A Cubes S with 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM and 50G storage costs $11 per month. Cloud Cubes are billed by the minute and are fully integrated in IONOS Cloud Compute Engine.

The DCD is available in Germany, Spain, United Kingdom, France and in the USA. You can get started with $500 free credits at

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