New Ryzen 9 7900 Based Dedicated Server From Contabo

September 27th 2023
New Ryzen 9 7900 Based Dedicated Server From Contabo

Contabo launches their new entry-level Dedicated Server powered by Ryzen 9 7900, which is priced low at just €69.99 / month and is set to establish a new benchmark for both performance and value in the industry.

Munich, Germany – September 27, 2023 – Contabo, a global cloud computing provider headquartered in Germany, introduces their AMD Ryzen Dedicated Server, which comes with impressive 12 cores and 24 threads.

Ryzen processors are known to have exceptional performance while maintaining affordability. Their price-performance advantage positions them higher, outperforming comparable Intel CPUs like the Xeon E-2000 series. However, not all Ryzens are made equal. The new Ryzen 9 7900 Dedicated Server takes things up a notch by delivering a remarkable 15% improvement in instructions per cycle (IPC) compared to its predecessors. For a more comprehensive review of performance and benchmarks, Contabo has published a blog post "Energy-Efficiency Meets Performance: Ryzen 9 CPUs in Our Dedicated Server Lineup."
In celebration of this occasion, Contabo is rolling out exclusive promotions that extend beyond the Ryzen Dedicated Server, including all of their products. Here's a glimpse of the promotions Contabo has prepared:

Check out their website and take advantage of this opportunity to try the new Ryzen 9 server before anyone else!

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