OVHcloud VPS Limited Editions with EPYC Milan

OVHcloud US
September 4th 2023
OVHcloud VPS Limited Editions with EPYC Milan

In July, OVHcloud launched a new line of VPS servers, they are called VPS Limited Edition and they're available in all OVHcloud data centers in Europe, in the US, in Mumbai, India and in Singapore. They all come with AMD EPYC 7413 or 7463 CPUs and they're very competitively priced. There is one catch: they're available in limited quantities only.

Both OVHcloud US and OVHcloud offer them on their websites:

They're offered in three flavors from 2 to 16 vCPUs, from $5.50/month to $45/month, with 1GB RAM per vCPU.
Prices and Specs

Just a few days ago, VPSBenchmarks tested a VLE-2 from OVHcloud US in Oregon. The trial results are impressive:
Trial resultsFor $5.50/month, a score of 63 is remarkable. It translates into an exceptional 87 score once price weighted.

It's helped by the fast EPYC Milan CPUs in the benchmarks with a Geekbench 5 single threaded score of 1269. That score is in the top 10% of all CPUs tested at VPSBenchmarks. But the 2vCPUs VLE is constrained by the 500Mbps bandwidth limit although the total amount of transfer per month is unlimited.

The VPS Limited Edition are not meant to replace the existing VPS products of OVHcloud but they're a good indicator of where the whole VPS lineup of OVHcloud is heading towards in the future.

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