With the latest update of ScalaHosting SPanel, it became a free full-scale cPanel/WHM replacement..

November 24th 2022
With the latest update of ScalaHosting SPanel, it became a free full-scale cPanel/WHM replacement..

Those of you who want to ditch cPanel and stop paying crazy control panel license fees can now seriously consider SPanel as a full-scale cPanel replacement. SPanel comes for free with every managed VPS build from ScalaHosting. Here are the most recent features we developed and implemented for you:

File Manager
A new file manager developed entirely in-house with a much more user-friendly interface. The new file manager has features such as searching for file and directory names, searching for content within files, moving files between different SPanel accounts, recursive change of permissions for files and folders, uploading files from a given URL e.g. instead of having to download the file to your computer and then upload it to the server you can simply use the file manager to download the file directly to your account on the server. Using your favorite function key combinations to copy, paste, and rename files is also supported.

Track Emails Delivery
Find out easily and instantly if a message you just sent was delivered to the recipient, or simply use the feature to monitor the mail flow for your email boxes.

Roundcube Support
You can now manage your emails via the Roundcube webmail client. Rainloop is still supported.

Features per package
Except for setting resource usage limits such as disk space, inodes, number of domains, databases, and emails, packages now allow you also to define which features in the SPanel User Interface will be available, e.g. only the email-related features or only the database features.

SSH Terminal
You may now log in to your account via a web SSH terminal integrated right into the SPanel User Interface. It takes just a click.

A full list of what has been implemented and what is currently under development can be found here. Everyone can suggest a new feature in SPanel or vote for an existing one, and we always develop those having the majority of votes.

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