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This November, VPSBenchmarks tested and reviewed 13 VPS hosting plans. We judged them on their speed, stability and affordability. These are the best 3 VPS with the best value.

This ranking is Price Weighted and favors the VPS that generate the most power for every dollar you spend. Plans with high performance and low price are ranked higher than high price plans with the same performance. For the ranking that ignores prices, go to Best VPS November 2021.

The VPS tested in November 2021 are a subset of all the VPS we have reviewed over the past 12 months. Go to the Screener to get the entire list of cloud server plans available today, ranked and graded.

We build a new ranking every month with all the VPS tested during the interval. Check out the list of all current and past rankings.



Price per month: 3.33€
Number of CPU cores: 2
Disk space: 20 GB
Memory: 2.0 GB
Trial Data: Nov 15 2021

Price Weighted Score


Ranks per Category

2nd in Web Performance

4th in Raw CPU Power

1st in Performance Stability

1st in Disk IO Performance

5th in Network Performance





Price per month: 8.21€
Number of CPU cores: 3
Disk space: 80 GB
Memory: 4.0 GB
Trial Data: Nov 29 2021

Price Weighted Score


Ranks per Category

4th in Web Performance

1st in Raw CPU Power

6th in Performance Stability

3rd in Disk IO Performance

1st in Network Performance




Slice 1024

Price per month: $3.50
Number of CPU cores: 1
Disk space: 20 GB
Memory: 1.0 GB
Trial Data: Nov 05 2021

Price Weighted Score


Ranks per Category

3rd in Web Performance

6th in Raw CPU Power

2nd in Performance Stability

6th in Disk IO Performance

2nd in Network Performance

All Grades in a Chart

How are grades calculated?

Each horizontal bar section in the chart below represents a grade value: A: [16-20], F: [0-3]. The total bar length is the Score.

All grades in this chart are price weighted.

Rankings for all VPS tested during November 2021

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Plan Price Score Web Perf Raw CPU Power Perf Stability Disk IO Perf Network Perf


Tests started on Nov 15 2021
3.33€ ($3.40) 86 PW PW PW PW PW


Cloud Server S
Tests started on Nov 12 2021
$5.00 69 PW PW PW PW PW


Tests started on Nov 08 2021
20.00€ ($20.40) 68 PW PW PW PW PW


Tests started on Nov 23 2021
$5.97 60 PW PW PW PW PW


Tests started on Nov 19 2021
$28.06 60 PW PW PW PW PW


General 4GB 2 cores
Tests started on Nov 02 2021
$42.00 57 PW PW PW PW PW


12GB 6 cores
Tests started on Nov 09 2021
42.00€ ($42.84) 45 PW PW PW PW PW


Cloud VPS 4
Tests started on Nov 17 2021
29.00€ ($29.58) 38 PW PW PW PW PW

Other Providers

Plan Price Score Web Perf Raw CPU Power Perf Stability Disk IO Perf Network Perf


Tests started on Nov 29 2021
8.21€ ($8.37) 85 PW PW PW PW PW


Slice 1024
Tests started on Nov 05 2021
$3.50 81 PW PW PW PW PW


Smart S
Tests started on Nov 25 2021
$40.00 65 PW PW PW PW PW


Tests started on Nov 20 2021
$34.24 44 PW PW PW PW PW


8GB 2cores
Tests started on Nov 14 2021
$40.00 37 PW PW PW PW PW

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