Genesis VMs Performance Consistency

VPSB Recommended

Performance of Genesis VMs cloud servers over the long term.

The provider consistency score shows how much variation can be expected between 2 servers of the same type at the same provider. It is not an indicator of the level of performance of the provider servers.

To generate the consistency score, we take the price weighted performance score of all trials of the provider, we calculate the coefficient of variation (standard deviation / average) of those and bring this number into the 0 to 100 range. Only providers with 5 trials or more and 4 plans or more represented at VPSBenchmarks receive a consistency score.

A high consistency score (>65) means the performance of all Genesis VMs servers is consistent trials after trials across all plans over a long period of time. The consistency scores of all providers can be found on the provider consistency ranking page.

Consistency Score: 78 / 100

This table shows all recent trials of Genesis VMs with their overall grade (average of the 5 category grades). Columns in the table are sorted by VPS monthly price.

Show Price Weighted Grades   
Plan name
Monthly price
April 2022 PW
January 2022 PW
October 2021 PW
July 2021 PW
May 2021 PW
October 2020 PW
May 2020 PW

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