st1.micro by MoonQube

Specifications and performance for MoonQube - st1.micro


Instance Type: Standard

This plan belongs to the MoonQube Standard server line (General Purpose).

Instance Type Description

Standard VM’s have a balanced ratio of memory to dedicated CPU, suitable for a wide variety of production workloads. They’re best for general purpose workloads that require dedicated computer power.

Provider page for instance type:

Instance Type Specifications

Approximate Cost per vCPU Between $3.12 and $7.24
Approximate RAM per vCPU Between 0.5 and 1.8GB
Hourly billing yes
Shared CPU yes
Storage included yes

See also all MoonQube instance types.

"st1.micro" Plan Specifications

Provider MoonQube
Plan URL
Price per month $6.17

MoonQube lets you deduct $2.25 from this price if you don't need an IPv4 address.

Discount or Surcharge for
long or short term use
Hourly Billing Yes: $0.0093/hour
Disk GB 25
Num Cores 1
Memory GB 2
Virtualization KVM
Data Transfer GB 4000
Burstable CPU No
Dedicated CPU No

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