G2 1GB, Dec 24 2017

Provider Plan Cost per month Disk space (GB) Memory (GB) Data transfer (GB) Virtualization
AtlanticNet G2 1GB $10.00 40 1.0 3000 KVM

Datacenter CPU type Num CPU cores OS Kernel Ruby Rails
USA-East-2 QEMU Virtual CPU version 2.5+ 1 Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 4.4.0 2.4.2 5.1.4


Grades are calculated by combining results from web, sysbench, endurance and remote timing tests.

Grade A is best, grade F is worst.

How are grades calculated?

Web Performance Raw CPU Power Performance Stability Disk IO Performance Network Performance
Based on:
Based on:
Based on:
Based on:
Based on:

Test Results

  • Sysbench tests are run once at the end of each trial. They push the VPS to its limit but for a few minutes only.
  • Remote timings are collected continuously from 4 different continents.
  • The Web performance test lasts for the whole duration of the trial (several days) and reports the response time and system metrics of a popular website running a Ruby on Rails application backed by a Postgres database.
  • Endurance performance tests push the VPS CPU to its limits for several hours straight and will reveal the raw poser of the VPS as well as its stability over time.

Sysbench CPU Performances

We ran Sysbench tests on this VPS, including CPU tests, random and sequential, read and write IO tests and memory tests.

Review and compare all Sysbench numbers for the AtlanticNet - G2 1GB VPS plan.

Remote Timings

Response times for this VPS were continuously measured from 5+ locations in the world. Each measure includes DNS resolution time, connection time, TLS handshake time and server response time.

Review and compare all Remote Timings numbers for the AtlanticNet - G2 1GB VPS plan.

Sustained CPU Endurance Run

Can your VPS handle 24 hours of sustained CPU load without flinching? How much can it handle? Does the provider throttle your CPU after a while?

Review and compare all Remote Timings numbers for the AtlanticNet - G2 1GB VPS plan.

Web Performance

Daily Web Metrics

Response time

CPU utilization

Day Num requests Average Total ms P95 Total ms P99 Total ms Average Db ms Cpu idle Cpu steal Iowait
Dec 24 2017 72040 89 150 260 7 90.92% 0.01% 0.10%
Dec 25 2017 85432 90 160 280 8 89.08% 0.02% 0.17%
Dec 26 2017 81204 89 160 280 8 89.33% 0.01% 0.19%
Dec 27 2017 73495 85 150 260 7 90.57% 0.01% 0.17%
Dec 28 2017 81926 91 160 280 8 89.35% 0.01% 0.18%
Dec 29 2017 67639 81 150 260 7 91.48% 0.01% 0.16%
Dec 30 2017 60343 81 150 260 7 92.15% 0.01% 0.16%

Weekly Web Metrics

Day Num requests Average Total ms P95 Total ms P99 Total ms Average Db ms Cpu idle Cpu steal Iowait
Dec 25 2017 512175 87 160 260 8 90.56% 0.01% 0.16%

Web Performance comparison

Web performance is measured locally on the VPS and includes Rails app response times as well as system metrics.

Compare AtlanticNet - G2 1GB web performance with other VPS providers or review the daily and weekly web metrics below.

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All trials are conducted without the knowledge and without sponsorship from the provider of the VPS where the benchmarked application is running.

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