DigitalOcean Sysbench Tests
Basic Regular 4GB 2 cores - Apr 03 2023

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Provider Plan Cost per month Disk space (GB) Memory (GB) Num Cores
DigitalOcean Basic Regular 4GB 2 cores $24.00 80 4.0 2

Learn how to read Sysbench test results


The cpu test is one of the most simple benchmarks in SysBench. In this mode each request consists in calculation of prime numbers up to a value specified by the --cpu-max-primes option. All calculations are performed using 64-bit integers. Each thread executes the requests concurrently until either the total number of requests or the total execution time exceed the limits specified with the common command line options.

Test Name total_time per_request_avg per_request_p95 events_rate
Multithreaded 30.00 s 3.90 ms 10.09 ms 1025 ops/sec
Single Thread 30.00 s 1.96 ms 2.11 ms 509.71 ops/sec


This test mode can be used to produce various kinds of file I/O workloads. At the prepare stage Sysbench creates a specified number of files with a specified total size, then at the run stage, each thread performs specified I/O operations on this set of files.
Sysbench fileio tests are run in synchronous mode, all operations are buffered. All tests are run with a number of threads that matches the number of vCPUs found in the instance with a minimum of 4.

Test Name read_transfer_rate write_transfer_rate avg_latency p95_latency
Random Read 4k (clear cache) 91.91 MiB/s 0 MiB/s 0.17 ms 0.31 ms
Random Read 4k (validate opt) 121.59 MiB/s 0 MiB/s 0.13 ms 0.26 ms
Random Read-Write 4k 22.42 MiB/s 14.94 MiB/s 0.18 ms 0.58 ms
Random Write 4k 0 MiB/s 26.59 MiB/s 0.26 ms 0.84 ms
Sequential Read 128k (clear cache) 735.85 MiB/s 0 MiB/s 0.68 ms 1.25 ms
Sequential Read 128k (validate opt) 771.25 MiB/s 0 MiB/s 0.65 ms 1.14 ms
Sequential Write 128k 0 MiB/s 458.27 MiB/s 0.48 ms 0.68 ms


Memory allocation and transfer speed.

Test Name total_time transfer_rate operations_rate
Read 23.58 s 8.48 GiB/sec 8893843 ops/sec
Read 1MB 15.67 s 63.80 GiB/sec 65328 ops/sec
Write 30.00 s 3.33 GiB/sec 3493481 ops/sec
Write 1MB 27.07 s 14.78 GiB/sec 15132 ops/sec

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