Evolution Host Ltd Sustained CPU Endurance Run
Ultimate - Apr 09 2024

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The sustained CPU endurance test runs a cpu intensive task in a loop for 24 hours. As maxing out the cpu might be considered abusive, the tests aims to use no more than 50% of each cpu core on the VPS.

The purpose of this type of test is

  • first to evaluate the speed to the VPS,
  • second to evaluate the stability over time of the cpu available to the VPS
  • and third to detect VPS where the CPU is throttled and the performance goes down over time after cpu utilization goes over a threshold the provider considers excessive for a particular plan.

The performance is measured at regular intervals in terms of tasks executed per hour, amount of idle cpu and amount of "cpu steal".

Provider: Evolution Host Ltd
Plan: Ultimate
Number of CPU cores: 16
Burstable CPU resources: no
CPU type: Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2288G CPU @ 3.70GHz

Target CPU usage Overall CPU that the endurance test tries to use across all CPU cores on the VM. 50%
Average iterations per hour Average number of tasks executed per hour. It represents how much work the VPS was able to achieve per hour. Higher numbers are better. 13211
Coefficient of variation iterations per hour This represents the dispersion of the number of tasks per hour. It's the standard variation divided by the mean number of tasks per hour. It's an indicator on stability of the performance of the VPS. A low standard deviation means the VPS speed stayed close to constant. A high standard deviation means performance varied significantly during the test. 15.99%
Average CPU idle Average percentage of CPU that was idle during the test. This number should be close to 50% unless the CPU is being throttled like in burstable VPS plans. 50.0%
Min CPU idle Minimum percentage of CPU idle during the test. 44.2%
Average CPU steal Average percentage of CPU steal during the test. Lower is better. 7.21%
Max CPU steal Maximum percentage of CPU steal during the test. 31.86%

Number of tasks completed per hour

Date Number of iterations per hour CPU Idle % CPU Steal %
April 10, 2024 22:00 UTC 8394 56.07 8.38
April 10, 2024 20:00 UTC 12280 49.84 7.82
April 10, 2024 18:00 UTC 13560 49.86 6.25
April 10, 2024 16:00 UTC 13889 49.82 5.47
April 10, 2024 14:00 UTC 14449 49.8 4.46
April 10, 2024 12:00 UTC 14793 49.87 3.62
April 10, 2024 10:00 UTC 14653 49.86 5.35
April 10, 2024 08:00 UTC 14329 49.85 4.95
April 10, 2024 06:00 UTC 13383 49.82 4.34
April 10, 2024 04:00 UTC 12316 49.85 8.39
April 10, 2024 02:00 UTC 11573 49.74 11.58
April 10, 2024 00:00 UTC 13052 50.29 12.2
April 09, 2024 22:00 UTC 15789 47.82 20.81

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