LunaNode Web Test
s.1 - Aug 02 2019

Provider Plan Cost per month Disk space (GB) Memory (GB) Num Cores
LunaNode s.1 $7.00 20 1.0 2

Test Results

The Web performance test lasts for the whole duration of the trial (several days) and reports the response time and system metrics of a popular website running a Ruby on Rails application backed by a Postgres database.

Web Performance

Daily Web Metrics

Response time

CPU utilization

Day Num requests Average Total ms P95 Total ms P99 Total ms Average Db ms Cpu idle Cpu steal Iowait
Aug 02 2019 59861 74 125 185 9 96.13% 0.01% 0.07%
Aug 03 2019 87465 73 120 180 9 94.74% 0.01% 0.12%
Aug 04 2019 68164 74 125 270 11 95.53% 0.01% 0.11%

Weekly Web Metrics

Day Num requests Average Total ms P95 Total ms P99 Total ms Average Db ms Cpu idle Cpu steal Iowait
Jul 29 2019 219521 74 120 200 10 95.44% 0.01% 0.10%

Web Performance comparison

Web performance is measured locally on the VPS and includes Rails app response times as well as system metrics.

Compare LunaNode - s.1 web performance with other VPS providers or review the daily and weekly web metrics below.


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