Profvds BA-8G-4-80, June 16th 2024

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We have run a full suite of performance tests on the BA-8G-4-80 VPS plan of Profvds. VPSBenchmarks bought, setup the server and started the tests.

On this page, you'll find:

  • Price and specifications for the BA-8G-4-80 plan.
  • The grades that summarize its performance in 5 categories based on the benchmarks results.
  • Links to the detailed benchmarks results that can be compared to other providers and other plans.

Provider Plan Monthly price Long term discounted price Hourly billing Num CPU cores Memory (GB) Disk space (GB)
Profvds BA-8G-4-80 52.60€ ($56.81) 47.36€/month
Minimum: 1 year
No 4 8 80

Datacenter CPU type CPU details OS, Kernel and Virtualization Data transfer (GB)
Slovakia Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2696 v2 @ 2.50GHz Frequency:
2.5 GHz
Cache size:
30.7 MB
Hyperthreading ON: no

Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS




Note: the CPU details Frequency is the frequency observed at the start of the trial. It may vary as the trial progresses.


Grades are calculated by combining results from web, sysbench, endurance, yabs (geekbench, fio, iperf3) and network transfers tests.

Grade A is best, grade F is worst. Follow the letter links to find the test results backing the grade.

How are grades calculated?

Overall Score: 21 (Price Weighted)

Web Performance Raw CPU Power Performance Stability Disk IO Performance Network Performance
Show Price Weighted Grades   

Review the list of metrics that the grades above are calculated from.

VPS Instance Provisioning Time

It took 6 minutes from the time the order took place to the time this instance was ready to accept connections.

All VPS provisioning times

Test Results

  • Web Runs: performance of a web application running on the server with locally generated load. Latencies and max request rate.
  • Sysbench: CPU, disk IO and memory speed tests.
  • Endurance: output over time of a long running cpu intensive application.
  • Network Transfers: maximum HTTP download and upload speeds between the VPS and servers located nearby.
  • Yabs: test suite that includes Geekbench CPU tests, Fio for disk IO and Iperf3 for network transfers.

Web Runs

During the Web Run tests, a web application is loaded with locally generated HTTP requests at various rates. We measure latencies and rate of errors at each load level.

Review and compare Profvds - BA-8G-4-80 web runs with other cloud providers.


We ran Sysbench tests on this VPS, including CPU tests, random and sequential, read and write IO tests and memory tests.

Review and compare all Sysbench numbers for the Profvds - BA-8G-4-80 VPS plan.

Network Transfers

We have performed large file transfers from the Profvds - BA-8G-4-80 VPS, both downloads and uploads and we measured the speed of the transfers.

The transfers involve multiple files, 10 threads and last for at least 10 seconds at maximum speed. The transfers are repeated 4 times from different nearby servers and only the fastest transfer is considered in grades and comparisons.

Sustained CPU Endurance Run

Can your VPS handle 24 hours of sustained CPU load without flinching? How much can it handle? Does the provider throttle your CPU after a while?

Review and compare all Endurance numbers for the Profvds - BA-8G-4-80 VPS plan.

Yabs is a benchmark suite that runs Geekbench (CPU), Fio (storage) and Iperf3 (network) tests.

Review Profvds - BA-8G-4-80 Yabs results for all 3 tests.

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