ScalaHosting Post: Multi-datacenter clustering at ScalaHosting

July 19th 2022
Multi-datacenter clustering at ScalaHosting

In May 2022, ScalaHosting released its new cluster management product to the public. Fully-Managed SPanel Cluster Solutions is aimed at users who need redundancy, high availability and scalability by default for their critical business applications and who don't want to manage the infrastructure by themselves.

All cluster solutions by ScalaHosting include 5 or more cluster nodes and 2 load balancers. The data of the applications is safely stored in distributed storage and replicated to all the datacenters in multi-DC solutions.

ScalaHosting offers 3 distinct cluster solutions:

  • The Single DC cluster is made of 2 load balancers and 5 cluster nodes and protects against both load balancer failure and node failure.
  • The Multi DC cluster lives in 2 separate data-center, one active and one standby. Each DC includes a sindle DC cluster as described above.
  • The Multi Region cluster, is distributed between 3 or more datacenters, all of them active. Visitors are served by the nodes that are closest to their location.

All single points of failure are eliminated in ScalaHosting clusters

  • If a cluster node fails the traffic is redirected to the healthy nodes by the cluster load balancers.
  • If and when the active load balancer fails, the standby one takes over guaranteeing the application stays available during the incident.
  • In the multi-DC clusters, if a data-center becomes unavailable, the other one takes over transparently using the data that is constantly being replicated from the first active data-center.
  • In the multi region clusters, if a data-center becomes unavailable, it is simply removed and the traffic flows transparently to the other healthy datacenters.

In all options, clusters are fully managed by ScalaHosting, the customer only needs to deploy its software to a single cluster node using SPanel.

To learn more about ScalaHosting clusters, go to Fully-Managed Custom SPanel Cluster Solutions.

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