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This week, Contabo is releasing a new line of VPS servers called VDS "Virtual Dedicated Server" with 4 instance types from S to XL, all with AMD EPYC 7282 CPUs clocked at 2.8GHz. They are available in Contabo datacenters both in Germany and in the USA.


Name Number of physical cores Memory Storage Price
VDS S 3 24GB 180GB €36.99
VDS M 4 32GB 240GB €47.99
VDS L 6 48GB 360GB €68.99
VDS XL 8 64GB 480GB €88.99

Note that the apparent number of cores seen from the instance is double the number in the specs because those EPYC CPUs have 2 threads per core. As a result reports 6 cores for the VDS S for example.


Contabo was kind enough to let us test 2 of the new VDS instances before the launch (S and L) and those trials completed recently. Since the tests took place before launch, there is a caveat which is that the host machine for the tested instances may not have been loaded the same way it will be after launch. In addition, the number of logical cores of the VDS L, 12, even if virtual, is way above the current 6 core limit that is set on all instances tested at Therefore those trials are previews and won't show up in the Screener or in Best VPS rankings. But not to worry, the VDS S will soon have a full trial.


So how did those 2 instances fare in VPSBenchmarks tests?




Really well, it turns out. Both the VDS S and VDS L are among the very best in the Web and Disk IO categories. Regarding the web performance, latencies are excellent (less than 50ms) and the maximum rate of requests stands out for the VDS L at 140req/s. The response time degrades however when the rate of requests increases.

The VDS L with its 6 cores and 12 threads performance is also quite remarkable in the raw CPU power category with a Sysbench CPU tests results that almost sets a record.


The VDS S network bandwidth is limited to 250Mbit/s, that explains the low network grade of this server.
For both instances, performance stability was good but not stellar.

Each purchase incurs a one time setup fee equal to the monthly cost of the VPS if paid monthly.

See for yourself, VDS instances of all types are now available for purchase at


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