Atlantic.Net Web Run Tests
G3.2GB - May 16 2023

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Web Run tests are made of a load test tool and a database intensive Rails web application.

The load test tool sends HTTP requests to the web application at a controlled rate and records HTTP response codes, response latencies and timeouts. The load test tool is multithreaded and runs on the same VPS where the web application runs.

The intent is to measure:

  • the response times (latency) of the web server
  • the amount of CPU used to serve those requests under various load levels
  • what's the maximum load at which 100% requests are served without timing out.

Provider: Atlantic.Net
Plan: G3.2GB
Datacenter: Texas, USA
Number of CPU cores: 1
CPU type: QEMU Virtual CPU version 2.5+

Web Runs by request rate

Note: the P99 is the 99th percentile. The P99 latency is the latency of the 1% slowest HTTP requests in the web run.

Rate (reqs/s) Average Latency P99 Latency CPU idle CPU steal Successful requests Timed out requests Duration (minutes)
1 104ms 280ms 44% 0.04% 304 0 5
5 92ms 270ms 24% 0.07% 1504 0 5
10 84ms 250ms 5% 0.10% 6004 0 10
15 72ms 215ms 0% 0.08% 3814 686 5

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