Google Compute Engine - n2d-standard-2 Yab
January 4th 2024

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This is the yab ( results) for tests that were run on a Google Compute Engine server on January 4th 2024. is an easy to run and powerful script that runs a full set of benchmarks on your server. Get Started with Yabs. You can collect, organize and visualize your yabs for free at VPSBenchmarks.

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This Yab was run as part of VPSBenchmarks performance trial. Review this server grades, HTTP, Sysbench test results and performance stability over time on the Google Compute Engine - n2d-standard-2 trial page.

Trial performance score: 44 / 100


Provider Google Compute Engine
VPS Plan n2d-standard-2
OS Version Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
Data Center Location Washington, Washington, D.C., United States


Processor AMD EPYC 7B12
CPU cores 2 @ 2249.998 MHz
RAM 7.7 GiB
Disk 40.6 GB
Swap 0.0 B
Kernel 6.2.0-1019-gcp
AES-NI ✔ Enabled
VM-x/AMD-V ❌ Disabled
VM Type

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Raw Output

  "version": "v2024-01-01",
  "time": "20240104-155952",
  "os": {
    "arch": "x64",
    "distro": "Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS",
    "kernel": "6.2.0-1019-gcp",
    "uptime": 2164.44,
    "vm": "KVM"
  "net": {
    "ipv4": true,
    "ipv6": false
  "cpu": {
    "model": "AMD EPYC 7B12",
    "cores": 2,
    "freq": "2249.998 MHz",
    "aes": true,
    "virt": false
  "mem": {
    "ram": 8120756,
    "ram_units": "KiB",
    "swap": 0,
    "swap_units": "KiB",
    "disk": 40565542,
    "disk_units": "KB"
  "ip_info": {
    "protocol": "IPv4",
    "isp": "Google LLC",
    "asn": "AS396982 Google LLC",
    "org": "Google Cloud (us-east4)",
    "city": "Washington",
    "region": "Washington, D.C.",
    "region_code": "DC",
    "country": "United States"
  "partition": "/dev/root",
  "fio": [
      "bs": "4k",
      "speed_r": 15222,
      "iops_r": 3805,
      "speed_w": 15237,
      "iops_w": 3809,
      "speed_rw": 30459,
      "iops_rw": 7614,
      "speed_units": "KBps"
      "bs": "64k",
      "speed_r": 238963,
      "iops_r": 3733,
      "speed_w": 240221,
      "iops_w": 3753,
      "speed_rw": 479184,
      "iops_rw": 7486,
      "speed_units": "KBps"
      "bs": "512k",
      "speed_r": 235544,
      "iops_r": 460,
      "speed_w": 248059,
      "iops_w": 484,
      "speed_rw": 483603,
      "iops_rw": 944,
      "speed_units": "KBps"
      "bs": "1m",
      "speed_r": 232535,
      "iops_r": 227,
      "speed_w": 248021,
      "iops_w": 242,
      "speed_rw": 480556,
      "iops_rw": 469,
      "speed_units": "KBps"
  "iperf": [
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Clouvider",
      "loc": "London, UK (10G)",
      "send": "655 Mbits/sec",
      "recv": "2.41 Gbits/sec",
      "latency": "77.9 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Scaleway",
      "loc": "Paris, FR (10G)",
      "send": "busy ",
      "recv": "busy ",
      "latency": "86.3 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "NovoServe",
      "loc": "North Holland, NL (40G)",
      "send": "2.12 Gbits/sec",
      "recv": "2.00 Gbits/sec",
      "latency": "84.9 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Uztelecom",
      "loc": "Tashkent, UZ (10G)",
      "send": "busy ",
      "recv": "busy ",
      "latency": "172 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Clouvider",
      "loc": "NYC, NY, US (10G)",
      "send": "5.33 Gbits/sec",
      "recv": "3.41 Gbits/sec",
      "latency": "8.66 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Clouvider",
      "loc": "Dallas, TX, US (10G)",
      "send": "1.91 Gbits/sec",
      "recv": "2.62 Gbits/sec",
      "latency": "30.7 ms"
      "mode": "IPv4",
      "provider": "Clouvider",
      "loc": "Los Angeles, CA, US (10G)",
      "send": "1.14 Gbits/sec",
      "recv": "busy ",
      "latency": "64.3 ms"
  "geekbench": [
      "version": 5,
      "single": 1125,
      "multi": 1409,
      "url": ""
      "version": 6,
      "single": 1477,
      "multi": 1833,
      "url": ""
  "runtime": {
    "start": 1704412792,
    "end": 1704413728,
    "elapsed": 936

Results Summary

The scale in the charts between 0 and 100 represents the performance of this server for each metric relative to the performance of all other servers tested recently at VPSBenchmarks for that same metric.

  • 100 means the server is the fastest for this metric.
  • 50 means the server has exactly median performance for this metric.
  • 0 means the server is the slowest for this metric.
Single Core Geekbench 5 Score
Multi Core Geekbench 5 Score
Fio Disk IO Read Speed 64k blocks
228 MiB/s
Fio Disk IO Write Speed 64k blocks
229 MiB/s
Iperf3 Download Speed
3492 Mbps
Iperf3 Upload Speed
5458 Mbps

Geekbench 5

Geekbench measures your processor's single-core and multi-core power.

Full Test
Multi Core 1409
Single Core 1125

Geekbench 6

Geekbench measures your processor's single-core and multi-core power.

Full Test
Multi Core 1833
Single Core 1477


This Fio test evaluates disk performance in 4 random read and write runs with different block sizes, 50% reads and 50% writes.

All fio tests below run in asynchronous direct mode using libaio and use 2 execution threads regardless of the size of the server.

Read15.2 MB/s
3.805k IOPS
239.0 MB/s
3.733k IOPS
235.5 MB/s
0.46k IOPS
232.5 MB/s
0.227k IOPS
Write15.2 MB/s
3.809k IOPS
240.2 MB/s
3.753k IOPS
248.1 MB/s
0.484k IOPS
248.0 MB/s
0.242k IOPS
Total30.5 MB/s
7.614k IOPS
479.2 MB/s
7.486k IOPS
483.6 MB/s
0.944k IOPS
480.6 MB/s
0.469k IOPS

Iperf3 ipv4

Iperf3 tests download and upload speeds to various locations using 8 parallel threads.

Download Upload
Paris, FR (10G)
busy busy
London, UK (10G)
2468 Mbits/sec 655 Mbits/sec
NYC, NY, US (10G)
3492 Mbits/sec 5458 Mbits/sec
Tashkent, UZ (10G)
busy busy
Dallas, TX, US (10G)
2683 Mbits/sec 1956 Mbits/sec
North Holland, NL (40G)
2048 Mbits/sec 2171 Mbits/sec
Los Angeles, CA, US (10G)
busy 1167 Mbits/sec

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