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1and1 vs Amazon Lightsail


Amazon Lightsail Amazon Lightsail 1and1 1and1
Name 1Gb 1core 2GB 1core Cloud Server L Cloud Server M
Cost per Month ($) 10.0 20.0 19.99 9.99
Memory (GB) 1.0 2.0 2.0 1.0
Disk Space (GB) 30 40 80 50
CPU cores 1 1 2 1
Data Transfer (GB) 2000 3000 9999 10000
Virtualization Xen Xen VMWare VMWare
Latest trial Jul 30 2017 Oct 21 2017 Oct 08 2017 Aug 27 2017

Performance Grades

To summarize the performance of each VPS plan, we generated grades based on the various tests that were run: web, sysbench, endurance and remote timing tests. Each grade focuses on one aspect of the VPS speed (cpu, disk IO, network IO...) and can be made of one or more of the metrics generated during the tests.

Grade A is best, grade F is worst.

How are grades calculated?

Amazon Lightsail Amazon Lightsail 1and1 1and1
Name 1Gb 1core 2GB 1core Cloud Server L Cloud Server M
Web Performance C B B C
Raw CPU Power F F C F
Performance Stability C A D B
Disk IO Performance E D C D
Network Performance - - - -

More details...

The grades above are based on the following test results.

Web Response Times

We ran a database intensive web application with ~100,000 hits per day for several days on VPSs from 1and1 and Amazon Lightsail. This is the average response time measured locally on the VPS for each plan we tested.

Local Response Time per Plan

Lower is better

Provider Plan Average response time
Amazon Lightsail 2GB 1core 53.6ms
Amazon Lightsail 1Gb 1core 66.1ms
1and1 Cloud Server L 62.7ms
1and1 Cloud Server M 64.3ms

During the Web Test, we collect response time metrics, CPU metrics and database performance metrics. All of those are measured locally on the VPS running the web server. All metrics can be compared on the Web Performance Comparison page.

Sysbench CPU Performances

We ran the full suite of Sysbench tests on VPS plans of 1and1 and Amazon Lightsail. These are the Sysbench CPU test results:

Rate of operations

Higher is better

Provider Plan Operations per second
Amazon Lightsail 2GB 1core 329.3
Amazon Lightsail 1Gb 1core 332.3
1and1 Cloud Server L 605.7
1and1 Cloud Server M 314.9

Sysbench test results are also available for random disk IO tests, sequential disk IO tests and memory tests.

Review and compare all Sysbench numbers on the Sysbench Comparison page for 1and1 and Amazon Lightsail.

Features and Usability

Features not included in the VPS price in plans tested at will be marked as missing.

Amazon Lightsail Review 1and1 Review
Hourly Billing  Yes No
DDOS Protection  No No
Backups  No No
Control Panel  custom Custom
SSH Keys Setup  Yes Yes
Total Number of Datacenters  4 3
Number of Datacenter Continents  1 2

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All trials are conducted without the knowledge and without sponsorship from the provider of the VPS where the benchmarked application is running.

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